A personal rule: Using technology isn't about technology. It's about using a tool to create and analyze.

Create Video
What: Subject, Plot, Main Idea, Setting, Characters
How: Camera angles: close up, medium, establishing shot; Shooting up or down, Pan

Import Video
Technical Steps:
1. Shoot video
2. Plug device into computer and let it connect
3. Export to desktop (ending should be .avi or .mov automatically)
4. Import to iMovie Event

In iMovie
Two spaces: Events and Projects
Events are clips of video spliced together to create a project.
When in doubt: Drag&Drop, ControlClick, don't hesitate to Help

Edit Video
Juxtaposition, Theme, Conflict, Tension
ControlClick the red line for freeze frame
Click the cog to trim clip, speed up, slow down

Add Sound
Mood, Atmosphere
Click the music symbol to import from iTunes
Voice should be recorded into GarageBand

Add Text
Meaning, Purpose, Credits
Click the "T"
Drag and Drop

Hugely helpful website about media literacy in the classroom
Further link using To Kill A Mockingbird film
Links to Examples