Summer Reading Information for:

1. All Juniors:

All juniors and seniors will be in a mixed book discussion group based on their book choice. During the first weeks of school, students will communicate using the web to organize the discussion that will take place duringIMG_0094.JPG a designated class period in the first weeks of school. A member of the faculty is part of each discussion group.

If you're a new student:

Go to Books 1 or Books 2 to learn about the choices. Pick one of these books from either list that interests you the most, read it carefully, and be ready to discuss it with other students when you return.

Assessment: You should come to school in the fall prepared to participate in a discussion of the book with other juniors, seniors, and YHS faculty members. This means reading your book carefully, noting important passages or details that you feel are especially important.

2. Honors Junior English Students:

If you're taking Honors Junior English next year, you will need to read another book. In addition to your Jr/Sr SummerREAD! novel, read one of the books from the following list:

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston
The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
The Color Purple by Alice Walker
Black Boy by Richard Wright

READ ABOUT THESE BOOKS HERE if you need help choosing!

Read the novel carefully and thoughtfully. Be ready to discuss passages (of at least a paragraph in length) that you found important. There is no accompanying writing assignment, but be ready for both a reading assessment and small group discussion in the first days of class. If you have any questions, email Junior English teacher, Anne Tommaso: any time.