The Scarlet Letter Discussion #1

1. You have 15 minutes to review and discuss the chapters you read today. I suggest you focus on clarifying questions and important passages.
2. You should review and discuss the quiz and talk about what further preparation or strategies you should use next time.

3. Interpretive Questions--Talk about these for about 10 minutes. You don’t need to come to one answer or a consensus. It might be helpful to have a notetaker. You could use a GoogleDoc so everyone could have access.
  • Is Hester noble for shielding the name of the father?
  • Do you believe Chillingworth when he says, “Between thee and me, the scale hangs fairly balanced”? What does he mean by this metaphor?
  • Do you agree with the narrator’s assessment of human beings at the beginning of chapter 5? Why does Hester stay in Massachusetts?
  • Why does Hester’s needlework become an eagerly sought after fashion? What does this say about the townspeople?
  • Why does Hester worry about Pearl’s changeability and willfullness?

4. Introduce Yourself--You agree that the introduction of characters is a major part of this section? Each group will introduce themselves as a character using the following prompts.
  • “I am...” more than just name, try to capture identity
  • “I own or have...” objects, talents, power, influence
  • “I believe that or I believe in...”
  • “My relationships with other people are...”

Characters: Hester, Chillingworth, Pearl, Governor Bellingham, the narrator