Why Crime/Mystery Fiction?

Why are crime stories popular?
Why do they appeal to us?9780140108927.jpg
What similarities do they have?
What can we observe about the genre as a whole?
What distinctions can we make between the different stories?

“Ordeal by Cheque” by Wurther Crue
“The Nine Mile Walk” by Harry Kemelman
“The Red Headed League” by Arthur Conan Doyle
“The Killers” by Ernest Hemingway
Choice Stories:
“Beautiful” by Jeffery Deaver
“Specialty of the House” by Stanley Ellin

Literary Concepts:

Factual Elements: Character, Setting, Plot
Elements We Must Interpret: Structure, Conflict, Theme, Tone
Reading Skills: Active Reading, Observe, Infer, Interpret, Independent reading


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Literary Concepts Chart
Crime Fiction Test: Literary concepts and independent reading and analysis


Literary Concepts Chart
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