Welcome to Junior English!

As your teacher, I look forward to knowing each one of you and working with you over the course of the year. I will arrive to our class each day with an open mind and a selfless attitude; my expectation is that you will too.

Learning Goals & Guidelines:

  • I value open and honest communication with students.
  • Academic Integrity is the most important quality of your work.
  • In our work together, we will read challenging literature in deep, meaningful, and creative ways to develop our critical thinking, analytical reading, and effective communication skills. Writing--analytical, narrative, personal, poetic, and persuasive--will also keep us very busy. By the end of the year you will be a stronger reader and become more aware and in control of your voice as a writer. We will use the seven essential learnings of the YHS English Department to guide our work and assessment: Reading Process, Literary Analysis, Writing Process, Oral Communication, Language Development, SEC, Research.

Expectations & Information

Being Prepared and Organized for Class:
  • Our 90 minutes together are essential. I hope to make class engaging and meaningful every day. Please be willing to participate in different types of activities and lessons.
  • Be on time.
  • Bring a writing utensil, notebook paper, appropriate books, charged laptop.
  • A word on notebooks & supplies: Different organizational systems work for different students. As you are now a junior, I trust you to choose what system—notebook, binder, folder, etc—works for you. Please have a place to keep handouts and clean, lined paper. Bring these every day. Finally, as you can’t write in school books, please have some sticky notes.
  • Create a reliable electronic organizational system with consistent naming patterns for your files.

Late Policy
  • A separate Work Habits rubric will be used on larger assignments and projects.
  • Homework will lose a letter grade per day it’s late. After 5 days, the highest possible grade the assignment can earn is a 50. After 2 weeks, the opportunity to make up the work will be gone.
  • Please use the in-box marked on my desk.
  • When you miss class time, use the wiki each other to get information about what you missed. Go there first, then email a classmate me for clarification.
  • Absent days = days to make up missed work without penalty. School days, not class days.
  • Any work missed due to planned family absence is due before you leave, if possible.
  • There can always be extenuating circumstances. We will communicate openly and devise a fair solution together.

  • Grading criteria and rubrics will be used to clearly explain how work is assessed for larger assignments. I will use the following scale:
++ = 100/99
+ = 97
√+ = 92
√ = 87
√- = 82
- = 77
-- = 72
50 for evaluated homework and in-class assignments.
  • It is important that you understand the expectations for all assignments. These will be discussed before an assignment is given and are always available on the wiki.
  • Powerschool will be updated on a regular basis.

Help Outside of Class
  • I am always available for conferences often before school, during breaks, and after school. Please try to schedule ahead of time.

Electronic Resources
  • Check the wiki! Every homework assignment, deadline, and handout is available online. There are MANY helpful links and resources online too. Every day I learn something new about how to use technology well.
  • Technology is wonderful when it enhances our work and doesn't detract from our thinking. I'll hold that this is how you want to use it.

Editing vs Revising
  • Revision is part of the writing process, and you’ll be expected to revise your work for content and style before handing it in. Editing will take the form of glossing.