Wed May 29 (W)/Thurs May 30 (B)

Introduce OpEd Local & OpEd In Response
Fri May 24 (W)
Bring a photo of yourself from a time when you were younger
Interview and Brainstorm--Stranger
Group Activity & Listen to "This I Believe"
Wed May 22 (W)/Thurs May 23 (B)

Evaluate mock final
Introduce inside/outside
Read and discuss "Stranger in the Photo"
Fri May 17 (B)/Mon May 20 (W)
Read and be ready to prepare and discuss "The Third and Final Continent" by Jhumpa Lahiri
Discussion: "The Third and Final Continent"
Wed May 15 (B)/Thurs May 16 (W)

2W: Mock final
Mon May 13 (B)/Tues May 14

Student Led Discussion: "Gilded Six Bits"
Thurs May 9 (B)/Fri May 10
Be ready to discuss "Gilded Six Bits"
SummerREAD Cart B
Shared Inquiry Discussion "GSB"
Tues May 7 (B)/Wed May 8 (W
Be ready to discuss "Good Country People"
Intro to SummerREAD Cart A
Shared Inquiry Discussion: "GCP
Fri May 3 (B)
2B: Study for Vocab Quiz #10
2B: Vocab Quiz #10
Wed May 1 (B)/Thurs May 2 (W
2W: Study for Vocab Quiz #10
2W: Vocab Quiz #10
Mon Apr 29 (B)/Tues Apr 30 (W)
This means both your full essay with Works Cited attached PLUS
Packet with everything including revised and edited drafts
Hand in work
Review vocab words
Return SAT essays
Debrief Research & Grit
Begin Short Stories
Thurs Apr 25 (B)/Fri Apr 26 (W)
Editing Day:
We will look both at sentences and grammar
Bring questions about grammar, sentence style, or MLA.
Edit for grammar and sentence clarity and quality using materials I will distribute
Tues Apr 23 (B)/Wed Apr 24 (W)
Revision Day:
To make the most out of this day, you need to have your rough draft as good as you can make it.
Vocab lesson 10!
Revise for content using questions I will distribute
Before You Leave for Break
Full Rough Draft (not to be evaluated, but ready for revision upon returning from break)
Topic to Question
Macro (completion grade)
Micro (optional)
Works Cited
One body paragraph to me for comments (up to you, only helpful feedback, no evaluation)

Tues Apr 9 (B)/Wed Apr 10 (W)
Intro + 5-7 paragraphs drafted
Write/revise for who is ready
Fri Apr 5 (B)/Mon Apr 8 (W)
3-4 paragraphs drafted
Works Cited
Turn in paragraph to me for feedback
Wed Apr 3 (B)/Thurs Apr 4 (W)
Question to Claim
Micro (optional)
1-2 paragraphs drafted
Mon Apr 1 (B)/Tues Apr 2 (W)
Deadline for all notes and close readings
SAT practice essay
Thurs Mar 28 (B)/Fri Mar 29 (W)
Continue working on notes and close readings
SAT prompt info
Macro for who is ready
Before you leave for CEP
Aim for two more pieces of research done. Any of the following:
CR#3, SN #3, SN #4
Research in Library
By Thursday Afternoon
Close Reading #1
Topic to Question
Secondary Source Notes #1
Secondary Source Notes #2
Close Reading #2
Aim to finish all of these pieces in the right order for you and turn them in as you finish them to me

Wed Mar 13 (B)/Thurs Mar 14 (w)
Close Reading #2 due
Research in Library
Mon Mar 11 (B)/Tues Mar 12 (W
Research book finished!
Research in Library
Thurs Mar 7 (B)/Fri Mar 8 (W)
All Gatsby assignments due: final quiz, research practice, art assignment due at the end of class
Read your research book and be ready to complete your first close reading in class--this means having an important passage marked and ready to work with.
Intro vocab #10
Close reading #1
Finish all Gatsby assignments
Tues Mar 5 (B)/Wed Mar 6 (W)
Read your research book
Finish Gatsby Assignments
Fri Mar 1(B)/Mon Mar 2 (W)
Glossing of Narrative Essay due
Read your research book
2W: Research practice with Ms. Hamilton
2B: Art Assignment
Distribute research packets
Wed Feb 27(B)/ Thurs Feb 28 (W)
Finish green chart with the boxes that asks you to trace your topic through Gatsby
Read your research book
2B: Research practice with Ms. Hamilton
2W: Topic to question, Art Assignment, Reading Quiz Follow Up Assign.
When you return from Break, Everyone:
After we finish Gatsby, we'll move right to research. Finish Gatsby over break and start your research book...We expect you to have your research book finished by Monday, March 11.

Fri Feb 15 (W)
Gatsby chapter 7 due

Thurs Feb 14 (B)
Research choice due: declare by writing your name and book on the blue sheet of paper on the side board in my room.
Gatsby chapters 4-6 due
B: reading quiz 4-6 on Thursday
Tues Feb 12 (B)/Wed Feb 13 (W)
Gatsby chapter 4
Vocab Quiz #9 (B)
W: reading quiz 4-6 on Wednesday
Fri Feb 8 (B)/Mon Feb 11 (W)
Study for Vocab Quiz #9 (B)
Read Gatsby chapter 4 (W)
Consider Research choice
Sample reading quiz for practice
Wed Feb 6 (B)/Thurs Feb 7 (W)
Gatsby chapters 2-3 due
Consider Research choice

Mon Feb 4 (B)/Tues Feb 5 (W)
Read Gatsby Ch 1
Look for evidence of the topics you brainstormed in class
Vocab work-ch 9 (B)
Research intro
Discuss ch 1
Fri Feb 1 (White)
Vocabulary Quiz #9

Wed Jan 30 (W)/Thurs Jan 31
Narrative Essay final draft due
Narrative Essay final draft due
Mon Jan 28 (W)/Tues Jan 29 (B)
Narrative Essay draft due
Revision work in class
Vocab 9 Intro
Thurs/Fri Jan 24 & 25
Be Ready for Book Discussion
Discussions will all take place during third period either Thurs. or Fri. Check the schedule on the project page.
Individual and paired revision and editing stages in class. If you need to use the time to meet with a teacher to attend to a class you're missing b/c of Comm Book, we can make arrangements.
Wed Jan 23 (B)
Wed: Book reading quiz
Revision work in class
Vocab 9 intro
Fri Jan 18 (B)/Tues Jan 22 (W)
Community Book finished
Tues: Book Reading quiz
Narrative Essay writing time
Work on Community Book agendas
Wed Jan 16 (B)/Thurs Jan 17 (W)
Read your book
"Indian Education" by Sherman Alexie
Prep Community Book agendas
Narrative essay writing time--
Refined journal entry and storyboard due at the end of class
Mon Jan 14 (B)/Tues Jan 15 (W)
Read your book
SAT prep
"The Chase" by Annie Dillard
Narrative Essay: prompts, refined journal entry, storyboard
Thurs Jan 10(B/Fri Jan 11(W)
Study for vocabulary quiz
Vocab quiz 7 & 8
Poetry Out Loud! Good Luck Amelia French and Emma Corbett!!
Tues Jan 8(B)/Wed Jan 9 (W)
Vocab review
Lit Theory finishing activity
SAT prep
Narrative Essay intro
Fri Jan 4 (B)/Mon Jan 7(W)
Read your Community Book Discussion Book!
please bring it to class with you each day
Critical Theory Lenses with Catcher in the Rye
Wed Jan 2/Thurs Jan 3
Welcome Back!
SAT prep
vocab intro 7 & 8
return essays

Wed Dec 12
Catcher 15-20 due:
Type out a passage from this section significant in the book so far. (Not the little boy singing "Catcher in the Rye" passage). Be ready to talk about why you think it is important.

Friday Dec 7
Book Choices for Community Book Discussion Due! Go the Community Book Discussion wiki to make your choices. (Located on the home page)

Thurs Dec 6 (B)/Fri Dec 7 (W)
Catcher 8-14 due: Pay attention to the following as you read:
  • The qualities of Holden's narration
  • Holden's discussion and experience with romantic relationships and sexuality
  • Holden's comments about parents
vocab intro 5&6
Catcher 8-14
Tues Dec 4 (B)/Wed Dec 5 (W)

POL Recitations
Fri Nov 30 (B)/Mon Dec 3 (W)
Catcher in the Rye 1-7 due. Read and be ready for a reading check:
Use sticky notes (available in my room) or paper to note the following as you read:
  • Characters
  • What type of narrator is Holden?
  • What does Holden care about? What does he like?
  • Signals of time in the novel--events happening close to the telling and prior
Narrative Studies with Holden
Wed Nov 28 (B)/Thurs Nov 29 (W)
Poem Memorization Check & Tone Map Due
POL Work
Intro vocab 5 & 6
Mon Nov 26 (B)/Tues Nov 27 (W)
Welcome Back
Finish scenes
Lang&Comp survey
Intro Community Book Discussion
POL Work: Tone Map & Louder than a Bomb
Mon Nov 19 (B)/Tues Nov 20 (W)
Be ready for your performance AND Staging Essay Due!
Work on memorizing your poem for POL
Performances in class
Thurs Nov 15 (B)/Fri Nov 16 (W)
Complete your character study and close reading. I won't collect this, but you'll use it in your staging essay.
Work on memorizing your poem for POL
Discuss Staging Essay
Scene practice
Tues Nov 13 (B)/Wed Nov 14 (W)
Read and be familiar with 4.1
Final scene selection and casting due
Work on memorizing your poem for POL
Discuss 4.1
Scene work:
You should cut and discuss your scene using the analysis/research step in the project description in the packet. (Take notes so you can include it in your staging essay)
Thurs Nov 8 (B)/Fri Nov 9 (W)
Read through 3.2 & 3.3 and be ready to talk and work with the scenes.
Bring in at least one high quality image that could be used as inspiration for setting, characterization, topic or theme of the play.
Discuss 3.2 & 3.3
Meet with groups to decide scene
Tues Nov 6 (B)/Wed Nov 7 (W)
B: Spend some time reading through 3.1 and design a set. Make a schematic drawing of the stage, props, entrances & exits, and a basic plan for how the scene would work.
Bring in at least one high quality image that could be used as inspiration for setting, characterization, topic or theme of the play.
W: Analytical Assignment due
Small groups:3.1
Final scene information
Fri Nov 2 (B)/Mon Nov 5 (W)

Act 2: film
2.3: theater terms, set and stage
Wed Oct 31 (B)/Thurs Nov 1 (W)
Choose your lines for analytical assignment and come to class with them typed into a Pages Document.
Work on analytical assignment; acting exercise; MEAT
Mon Oct 29 (B)/Tues Oct 30
Review synopsis and characters
Finish 1.1
Thurs Oct 25 (B)/Fri Oct 26
Study for vocab quiz 3 & 4 if you haven't already taken it.
Go back to 1.1 lines 1-143: Find a significant line for the following characters: Leonato, Hero, Beatrice, Benedick. Answer this question for each: What does the line reveal about the character? What can you infer about this person from the line they deliver? 3-4 sentences each if possible.
Poetry Out Loud
Vocab quiz 3 & 4
overview Much Ado,
continue 1.1
Tues Oct 23 (B)/Wed Oct 24 (W)
Submit your "likes" using the Google links I emailed you during class
preview: Much Ado
Fri Oct 19 (B)/Mon Oct 22 (W)
Gloss of descriptive essay due (clean copy, grammatical errors fixed & glossing sheet)
Four poems due. The poem you workshopped should have revisions--please hand in all 4 poems, drafts, notes, and final copy.
Choose your POL poem. Use this form on this link to choose: Poetry Out Loud
Shakespeare/Much Ado
Wed Oct 17 (B)/Thurs Oct 18 (W)
Bring 4 original poems and be thinking about your Poetry Out Loud poems
Work on glossing
Revision Workshop
Mon Oct 15 (B)/Tues Oct 16 (W)
B: Finish your Poetry "Test" if you haven't already done so
Bring your 4 original poems for revision workshop: typed on separate sheets, please
Complete Poetry Tournament Exit Slip.
Tournament Exit Slip.pages
Tournament Exit Slip.pages
Tournament Exit Slip.pages

W-finish poetry tournament
Intro Vocab 3 & 4
Thurs Oct 11(B)/Fri Oct 12 (W)
Be ready for the Poetry Test
Finish Tournament; Poetry "Test"
Tues Oct 9 (B)/Wed Oct 10 (W)
Be ready for the Poetry Tournament!
Write an animal poem using Anne Sexton's poems as a model.
Poetry Tournament: (OC)
Thurs Oct 4(B)/Fri Oct 5 (W)
Find a sonnet (by someone other than Shakespeare) and a villanelle; do the poetry terms matching and we will go over them next class

Tues Oct 2 (B)/Wed Oct 3 (W)
Revisit the poems you wrote in class today. Type them both up. Left justify the margins, single space, title at the top, name at the bottom.
Fri Sept 28 (B)/Mon Sept 29 (W)
Poem Analysis Assignment due

Wed Sept 26 (B)/Thurs Sept 27 (W)
Study for vocab quiz
Using the packet and the new sound terms we went over in class answer the following question for one poem:
How does the poet's use of a sound tool contribute to a meaning in the poem? Write out your answer.
Vocab Quiz 1 & 2
Mon Sept 24 (B)/Tues Sept 25 (W)
Go to and find a metered poem.Print it and scan it. Write 4 lines of either iambic or trochaic verse.
You could also use or

Thurs Sept 20 (B)/Fri Sept 21 (W)
Final Descriptive Essay due
How did that go
Begin Poetry
Tues Sept 18 (B)/Wed Sept 19
First Draft of Descriptive Essay (as good as you can make it) due for peer review
peer review
Fri Sept 14 (B)/Mon Sept 17 (W)
Half a draft due--around 2 pages, mostly sentences
SEC and Style
Wed Sept 12 (B)/Thurs Sept 13 (W)
Journal #2: 20 minute brainstorm about a place (either close to you or one you've only visited once)
Discuss "Beneath My House"
Refined journal entry
Putting it together--floating paragraphs
Tues Sept 11
Be ready for your book discussion (notes with passages and questions)
SummerREAD book discussion
period 3
Mon Sept 10 (B)/Tues Sept 11
1. Read, compose questions, sign syllabus page for return
2. Read "Mother's Watch" and "Beneath My House" in the packet
3. Prepare notes for book discussion
1. Discuss essays in small groups
2. Journal Entry #2
3. Poem discussion
4. SEC?
Thurs Sept 6 (B)/Fri Sept 7 (W)
Bring in an interesting object that belongs to you
Begin Descriptive Essay
This is Just to Say
Tues Sept 4(B)/Wed Sep 5 (W

Poem: read and write
SummerREAD info
Shakespeare & Much Ado About Nothing
Poems for Poetry "Test":

Everyday the Pregnant Teenagers

Bright Sun after Heavy Snow

Where I Live
Close Reading Explanation
Slam, Dunk, & Hook Sample Annotation
SummerREAD Discussion info here: