Exam Schedule
WAP due when you arrive for your final
Tuesday, June 12: 8:00am: 2W
Wednesday, June 13: 8:00am: 2B; 12:00: 4B
Thursday, June 14: 8:00 am: 5W; 10:00am: 5B

Mon June 11 (B)
Read "Gryphon" and "The Hand" and be ready to discuss
Work on WAP. Five pieces plus thoughtful reflection that answers
these two questions:
1. Who are you as a reader and writer?
2. What have you learned this year?
return research
discuss poem and story to prepare for final exam
Thurs June 7 (B)/Fri June 8 (W)
One memoir due, final copy.
Review for final exam
assemble WAP
Tues May 29 (W)/Wed May 30 (B)

Thurs May 24 (W)/Fri May 25 (B)
Final essay due by the end of the day
Final edits
Tues May 22 (W)/Wed May 23 (B)
Works Cited due
Fri May 18 (W)/Mon May 21 (B)
First draft due
Fri May 11 (B)/Mon May 14
finish MACRO
start MICRO (You can use this as much or as little as you want. Since you've already done so much of the writing, it might not be efficient to write out lots of information...up to you.)
Classroom: MICRO & write
Wed May 9 (B)/Thurs May 10 (W)
Classroom: MACRO
Thurs May 3 (B)/Fri May 4 (W)
Secondary Notes #4
Close Reading #3
You should have all Secondary Notes and Close Readings finished by this day
Start in classroom: 20 minute discussion of Question to Claim and MACRO
Work where you need to
Tues May 1 (B)/Wed May 2 (W)
Secondary Notes #2 & #3 due
Question to Claim due
Start in classroom then work where you need to.
Fri April 27 (B)/Mon April 30 (W)
Close Reading #2 due
Secondary Notes #1 due
LIBRARY: secondary research
Wed April 25 (B)/Thurs April 26 (W)
Close Reading #1, a clear idea of what your Close Reading #2 will be
Topic to Question due in class
Work/discuss Close Reading #2
LIBRARY: begin secondary research
Mon April 23 (B)/Tues April 24 (W)
Book absolutely finished
Theme sheet complete--in other words, you should have a strong sense about what you want to write about in the novel
Close Reading #1
Close Reading #1
Topic to Question
Wed April 11 (B)/Thurs April 12 (W)
Vocabulary Quiz #10
Vocab Quiz #10
Theme sheet/close reading/topic to question
Mon April 9 (B)/Tues April 10 (W)
Research book finished??
Finish Gatsby Art assignment
review vocab
Thurs April 5 (B)/Tues April 10 (W)
READ Research book
Gatsby Art Assignment in class
Tues April 3 (B)/Fri April 6 (W)
READ Research book--Revise close reading assignment...don't spend more than 30 minutes on the revision
Hey 2W: if there is any way you can get your paragraph in before Friday, that would be GREAT for my grading purposes!
Gatsby research practice assignment in class
Fri March 30 (B)/Mon April 2 (W)
READ Research book
Gatsby close reading assignment due
Official SAT Practice
Peer/Rubric revision with close reading paragraph
Vocabulary #10
Introduce Gatsby research practice assignment
Wed March 28 (B)/Thurs March 29 (W)
Finish motif chart & identify 2-3 corresponding passage(s) to work with
SAT Practice
Work on close reading assignment
Mon March 26 (B)/Tues March 27 (W)
Gatsby chapters 7, 8, & 9 due
Close Reading together
Motif chart & explain close reading assignment
Art slides: Urban Realism & Impressionism
SAT practice with sample essays
Mon March 19 (W)/Tues March 21 (B)
Gatsby chapters 4, 5, & 6 due
Vocabulary Quiz #9

Wed March 14 (W)/Thurs March 15 (B)
Gatsby chapters 2 & 3 due, bring at least 3 comments or questions
5B: Gatsby chapters 1, 2, & 3 due
group discussion--chapters 1-3
research theme/motif guide
review vocab
Mon March 12 (W)/Tues March 13 (B)
final letter due--turn in with revised copies
read and be ready to discuss Gatsby chapter 1
declare your research book: info below
discuss Gatsby chap 1
introduce vocabulary 9
Thurs Mar 8 (W)/Fri Mar 9 (B)
final letter due--please use at least 1.5 spacing
distribute Gatsby!
Tues Mar 6 (W)/Wed Mar 7 (B)
first draft of letter due--especially finished primary examples and could have secondary examples/analysis less complete
vagueness glossing (yellow sheet) due if you haven't already turned it in
read through secondary article summaries
peer review/ station edit
more in-depth look at articles
Fri March 2 (W)/Mon Mar 6 (B)
article summary due, must be posted on GoogleDoc
White Class: finish "The Last You'll Hear from Huck
if you haven't already.
work on letters
Tues Feb 28 (B)/
Wed Feb 29 (W)

preliminary argument and primary evidence
distribute articles;
Mon Feb 27 (W)
Finish Huck Finn
discussion of ending; introduce final project;
Let's start talking about research
Fri Feb 17
Blue: Finish Huck Finn

Wed Feb 15 (B)/Thurs Feb 16 (W)
Huck Passage/SAT assignment due
trade questions; distribute essays
Mon Feb 13 (B)/Tues Feb 14 (W)
Read and be ready for reading quiz #4 23-32
introduce final assignment;
Thurs Feb 9 (B)/Fri Feb 10 (W)
Finish drawing based on one of Emmaline's paintings pp 76-77 in the text. Please include her title. It might be helpful to Google women's fashions to give you a sense of the dresses and the hair.
discussion of episodes
Tues Feb 7(B)/Wed Feb 8 (W)
Read and be ready for a reading quiz 16-22:
There are many episodes in this part of the novel. Be on the lookout for satire, exaggeration, other elements of comedy, and what impression Huck might be taking from all the varied experiences.
Fri Feb 3(B)/Mon Feb 6(W)
Be ready for Huck Finn scenes. You'll have no more than 15 minutes at the beginning of class for a run through. All scripts are available on GoogleDocs.
Work and perform scenes
Wed Feb 1(B)/Thurs Feb 2 (W)
Read and be ready for a reading quiz 8-15
Read Quiz
Work on scenes
Thurs Jan 26 (B)/Fri Jan 27 (W)
Take a look at the following episodes in 1-7 and be ready to discuss in detail:
  • What Huck believes in and what he "don't take no stock in"
  • What is your first impression of Jim?
  • Huck and Tom's trick on Jim
  • Tom's authority with the other boys
  • Jim's fortune telling
  • Pap's disapproval of Huck's academic accomplishments
  • End of 5, beginning of 6: Huck's understanding of society's system of justice
  • Tone of the last 8 paragraphs of chapter 7

Tues Jan 24 (B)/Wed Jan 25 (W)
Vocabulary Quiz 7 & 8
Community Book Discussion Self-Evaluation due: external image zip.png [[file/view/SelfEval2012.pages|SelfEval2012.pages]]
2W: Grammar/Style Paragraph assessment due
external image zip.png [[file/view/paragraphassessmet.pages|paragraphassessmet.pages]]
Historical/Biographical lens about Mark Twain
Thursday & Friday Jan 19 & 20
please make arrangements with your teacher if you're going to miss a class

Wed Jan 18 (B)
Discussion agenda must be posted before your discussion
Vocab quiz 5B
vocab review, 2B, 4B
intro to Huck Finn (quick)
agenda work
Fri Jan 13(B)/Tues Jan 17 (W)
Community Book FINISHED
work on discussion agendas
Wed Jan 11 (B)/Thurs Jan 12 (W)
In Class Assessment: open note paragraph assignment TBD
introduce discussion agendas
Mon Jan 9 (B)/Tues Jan 10

Thurs Jan 5(B)/Fri Jan 6 (W)
Glossing (of staging essay) and Sentence Practice due
All Glossing materials under "SEC" on my homepage
Sentence practice here:
lit terms practice
Tues Jan 3 (B)/Wed Jan 4 (W)
Welcome Back!
Pls. bring your Community Book with you to class each day
work return
writing exercise and practice
reading time in class?
Tues Dec 20 (B)/Wed Dec 21 (W)
read and be ready to discuss "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather
poetry workshop--object poem or animal poem;
poems due at end of class
Fri Dec 16 (B)/Mon Dec 19 (W)
close reading assignment due
Literary Theory day
quick lit devices review (for practice)
Wed Dec 14 (B)/Thurs Dec 15 (W)
Poem Recitations!!!
2 Poems due for workshop: object poem and animal poem
Poetry workshop
Mon Dec 12 (B)/Tues Dec 13 (W)
CR 21-end due
Deadline for poem memorization--oral check with a partner
Reading quiz
Discuss 3 passages together
Memorization check (if you didn't do it already)
20 Minutes of poem practice
Thurs Dec 8 (B)/Fri Dec 9 (W)
Poem memorized (today or Monday)--oral check with a partner
Tone Map Assignment due
Poem memorization check
Tues Dec 6 (B)/Wed Dec 7 (W)
CR 15-20 due: come in with 3 passages from these chapters that you want to discuss
work on poem recitations
Fri Dec 2 (B)/ Mon Dec 5 (W)
CR 8-14 due
At least 1/2 your poem memorized
Reading Quiz 1-14
Poem memorization check
Wed Nov 30 (B)/Thurs Dec 1 (W)
Bring in an important object, something interesting that would stand out in a secondhand shop, something unusual, curious, portable, valuable (not in price though). Be willing to share this object with your classmates.
Close Reading work
Mon Nov 28 (B)/ Tues Nov 29 (W)
Catcher in the Rye 1-7 due:
Use sticky notes (available in my room) or paper to note the following as you read:
  • Characters
  • What type of narrator is Holden?
  • What does Holden care about? What does he like?
  • Signals of time in the novel--events happening close to the telling and prior
How does it mean? (Catcher)
POL, writing genres
Before you leave for Thanksgiving Break
Trade, read, and comment on a classmate's essay.
Revise and turn in your final staging essay. Please include all draft and editing work.
Declare your POL poem.
Choose your novel for Community Book (if possible).
Choose Novels Here
35 minutes for revising staging essays
Community Book Intro
Discuss Catcher reading schedule
Thurs Nov 17 (B)/Fri Nov 18 (W)
Study for Vocabulary 5 & 6
POL: Bring a printed copy of both poems you chose
Vocabulary Quiz 5 & 6
Tues Nov 15(B)/Wed Nov 16(W)
Staging Essay and Performances due!!
Due to technical difficulties, the essay I wrote about Much Ado is only available in hard copy. Please feel free to check it out in my room.
Thurs Nov 10(B)/Mon Nov 14(W)
Two poems that interest you from POL website--one must be free verse
Submit your choices HERE
Work on Your Own
Tues Nov 8(B)/Wed Nov 9(W)
Read through Prompt Book and Examining your Scene
Work on Prompt Book & Staging Essay
Intro POL
Work on Your Own
Promptbook due by end of class
Fri Nov 4 (B)/Mon Nov 7(W)
Close Reading due
the challenge
rest of play; film
Language & Themes
Work on Your Own
Wed Nov 2 (B)/Thurs Nov 3(W)
Be ready for your tableau!
Read the summaries in your book (on the left hand side of the page for the rest of the play: 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, & 5.4) and think about the following questions: What do you think about the Hero/mystery cousin switcheroo? What does it reveal about Claudio that he goes along with the marrying another girl?
5.1 & rest of play
Work on Your Own: Tableaus in class
Mon Oct 31 (B)/Tues Nov 1
Scene choice due
Glossing and Blog due
Work on Your Own: Scene read through, casting, and cutting; prepare for Tableaus
Thurs Oct 27(B)/Fri Oct 28 (W)
Review 3.2 and read 3.3
What Do You Know Quiz
Tues Oct 25 (B)/Wed Oct 26 (W
White: ONE Reading Log Due
Blue: Read 3.2
Look over my comments on your essay. Come with questions. Be ready to gloss
Gloss essay
Review 3.2
Fri Oct 21 (B)/ Mon Oct 24 (W)
Study for vocab quiz (3 & 4)
Read 3.1 and be ready to cut
Vocab quiz
3.1 cutting and directing in small groups
Wed Oct 19 (B)/Thurs Oct 20 (W)
Questions & Themes Log--ONE DUE (Blue)
Close Reading due (White)
Read through the cut version of Act 2 Scene 3 and be ready to work on blocking and directing
Group Direction of 2.3
Mon Oct 17 (B)/Tues Oct 18 (W)
Character close reading assignment due
Finish 2.1
Directing 2.3
Thurs Oct 13 (B)/Fri Oct 14 (W)
Choose a character to focus on from what we've read and played so far. Find 15 lines (don't have to be contiguous) that demonstrate he or her character.
Close Reading 1.3
Tues Oct 11 (B)/ Wed Oct 12 (W)
Finish reading Act 1 and Act 2 Scene 1
Check out the Much Ado site and post an image and blurb related to weddings in America... under the "Weddings" link on the left. (We don't need an image for every student...maybe stop after 15, but feel free to add a comment or question to a blurb? These can be magazine/newspaper images as well as personal ones. Let's maintain the quality that the students in Moscow have started---good, clear images and good, clear prose, yes?)
Film Study
Mon Oct 10

Thurs Oct 6 (B)/Fri Oct 7 (W)
Read 1.1 of Much Ado
Choral reading of 1.1
Character intro
Tues Oct 4 (B)/
Wed Oct 5 (W)
Finish Zeitoun essay
Find and read an article written in the last year about Shakespeare or a Shakespearean performance. Bring a printed copy and be ready to share it with everyone.
Zeitoun analytical essay due
Shakespeare interactive slide show
Throwing lines
Fri Sept 30 (B)/
Mon Oct 3 (W)
Study for vocab quiz
Bring your thesis, the best part of your essay and the part you want the most help with.
Vocab Quiz Lessons 1 & 2
Wed Sept 28 (B)/
Thurs Sept 29 (W)
Introduction or Conclusion due
Revise & Write
Mon Sept 26 (B)/
Tues Sept 27 (W)
At LEAST one body paragraph due (more is better)
Revise & write
Thurs Sept 22 (B)/
Fri Sept 23 (W)
Prepare for discussion on Zeitoun & Katrina
Begin to plan your essay
Evaluated Discussion
Work on Essay
Tues Sept 20 (B)/
Wed Sept 21 (W)
Study vocab Lessons 1 & 2
Blue course info signature page due
2W: Read poems by Patricia Smith

Fri Sept 16 (B & W)
Be ready for book discussion
SummerREAD Discussion 5B
Wed Sept 14 (B)/
Thurs Sept 15 (W)
Course Description signature page due
Work on discussion agenda including reading creative pieces of group members
Work on discussion agenda--15 min.
Zeitoun stations
Mon Sept 12 (B)/
Tues Sept 13 (W)
SummerREAD creative piece due
Dist. style/grammar resources
Pair/Share creative piece & post to wiki
Work on discussion agenda
Thurs Sept 8 (B)/
Fri Sept 9 (W)
"All About You" letter due
"In A Station" exercise
Discuss course description
Discussion resources
Poems of Katrina/Zeitoun work
Tues Sept 6 (B)/
Wed Sept 7(W)
Zeitoun finished
SummerREAD book finished
Zeitoun passage path
SummerREAD assessment
Huck Finn Critical Essay Links
Persuasive Letter Worksheet

Persuasive Letter Assignment

Passage/SAT Question Assignment
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Huck Finn Audiobook
On Line Version of the Text

Community Book Discussion Wiki
Poetry Out Loud Website

Catcher Close Reading Assignment

Catcher in the Rye Reading Schedule:

Mon Nov 28 (B)/Tues Nov 29 (W)
Chaps 1-7 due
Fri Dec 2 (B)/Mon De 5 (W)
Chaps 8-14 due
Tues Dec 6 (B)/Wed Dec 7 (W)
Chaps 15-20 due
Mon Dec 12 (B)/Tues Dec 13 (W)
Chaps 21-end due
Electronic Text of "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather