Thurs June 14
Exam Period: 8:00am
Due when you arrive for your exam:
WAP and reflection that thoughtfully answers the following 2 questions:
1. Who are you as a reader and writer?
2. What have you learned this year?

Fri June 8
memoir due
prepare for exam in class
Wed June 6
rough draft of "This I Believe" essay
bring a picture of yourself when you were younger
work on "This I Believe"
Tues June 5 (B)/Wed June 6 (W)
Work on one memoir: Rough draft of either "Stranger in the Photo" or "This I Believe" due in class
work on memoir
Thurs May 31 (W)/Fri June 1 (B)
Spend 20 minutes reading/brainstorming in the "This I Believe" section of the packet
"This I Believe";
Stranger in the Photo interview
Thurs May 24
Final Essay Due
Share and Celebrate!
Tues May 22
more work towards finished essay
peer edit
Fri May 18
first draft due
peer edit
Works Cited
Wed May 16
2 more body paragraphs
2 more body paragraphs
Mon May 14
Question to Claim
1 body paragraph
Thurs May 10

Tues May 8
Any pieces of research you are not yet finished with
Discuss putting the work together:
Question to Claim
Fri May 4
Secondary Notes #3
Close Reading #3
SAT practice (optional)
Work where you need to
Wed May 2
Secondary Notes #2
LIBRARY: Question to Claim
Mon April 30
Secondary Notes #1 due
LIBRARY: secondary research
Thurs April 25
Close Reading: Follow these directions:
1. Find a passage that is connected to your topic.
2. Write a statement about how the passages is related to your topic.
3. Find two smaller quotes within the passage. Type them out. These should be the most important or suggestive parts of the the whole passage
4. Write at least one sentence for each smaller quote that explains how it is connected to your first statement. Get creative in your thinking in these sentences.
LIBRARY: begin secondary research
Tues April 24
Book absolutely finished
Theme sheet complete--in other words, you should have a strong sense about what you want to write about in the novel
Close Reading #1 & Topic to Question due in class
Close Reading #1
Topic to Question-revise
Thurs April 12
READ Research book
Revisit notetaking sheets
Discuss Close Reading
Tues April 10
READ Research book
Library introduction
Topic to Question
Goal: find one resource and one quote from that research that is connected to your topic
Friday April 6
READ Research book--sticky note at least one passage that connects to one of the themes you identified in class today.
Vocabulary Quiz #10

Wednesday April 4
READ Research book
SSR--30 minutes
Vocabulary Practice
Monday April 2
Read ITW chapter 18--be ready for reading quiz
Finish ITW
Vocabulary #10
Intro to research
Thursday March 29
Read ITW chapter 17 through page 180.
Be ready for a short reading quiz.
Graded SAT practice prompt in class
Library--look for research book
Tuesday March 27
Read ITW chapters 16 on your own in preparation for class on Monday. Bring at least two comments or questions and be ready for a reading quiz on this chapter.
Reading Quiz 15 & 16
SAT practice
Intro Vocab #10
Monday March 19
Be finished with ITW chapter 15, keep going with the sticky notes looking for passages that help you answer the question, "Why are these chapters part of the book?"
Discussion on chapter 14 & 15
In class writing
SAT practice
Wednesday March 14
Vocabulary Quiz #9
ITW Chapter 14
Monday March 12
Second Andy Goldsworthy writing due: "Post-Into the Wild"
Preview to 14 & 15
Begin reading
Slideshow of projects!
Thurs March 8
First Andy Goldsworthy writing due: "Pre-Into the Wild"
OUTSIDE...this means good boots/warm clothes, gloves, hats, coats, etc, etc, etc.
Tues March 6

work on pre-Into the Wild writing
vocab 9 introduction
Fri March 2
Second analytical paragraph due

Wed Feb 29
Read what is left of chapters 12 & 13, noting passages that are helpful to your paragraph about Chris/Alex's feelings towards his family
Bring your thesis and at least 4 possible textual examples to class
Goldsworthy project pre-writing assignment
Discuss reflection assignment
Second analytical paragraph work
Mon Feb 27

Second analytical paragraph assignment: families
Finish Goldsworthy Documentary
Thurs Feb 16
Read chapter 11 of ITW
quick read quiz
Goldsworthy fil
Tues Feb 14
Read Chapter 7 & 10 of ITW and be ready for a short reading quiz
(We're skipping chapter 8 & 9 because they are about other young adventurers like Chris. You're welcome to read the chapters, but we won't spend time on them in class in order to keep our focus on Chris/Alex).
discuss 7 & 10
intro for chapter 11
introduce Andy Goldsworthy and ITW project
Fri Feb 10
Study for Vocabulary Quiz 8
Analytical Paragraph & Process Analysis Revisions due at the end of cla
Vocab Quiz 8
Work on Analytical Paragraph & Process Analysis Revisions
Wed Feb 8
Read chapter 6
Initial notes for analytical assignment
Outline due at the end of class
Vocabulary review
work on analytical paragraph
Mon Feb 6
Completed webquest due at the beginning of class
Vocab review
Timeline and map
Introduce analytical assignment
find examples for 3-4
Read ch 5 together
Thurs Feb 2
Read 3 & 4 of ITW and be ready for a reading quiz and discussion* pay attention to the following:
  • Wayne Westerberg
  • descriptions of Chris/Alex's family
  • other people he meets along the way
  • why he went on such a journey, what he was looking for
Introduce vocab 8
Introduce epigram chart
Begin webquest
Tues Jan 31
FINAL DRAFT of Process Analysis essay due
Collect essays
Review wordles
Discuss essential questions for ITW
Read 1 & 2 together & what do you know quiz
Fri Jan 27
FIRST DRAFT of Process Analysis essay due
Vocabulary Quiz 7 (will go on Q3)
Begin Into the Wild!
Wed Jan 25
Any 3 paragraphs of Process Analysis essay due for evaluation and feedback
Practice Vocab 7
Read another example essay
Work on essay in class
Mon Jan 23
Community Book Discussion Self Evaluation due:
Collect Self-Evals
Intro Vocab chap 7
Work on Process Analysis essay
Read example essay
Thursday & Friday Jan 19 & 20
please make arrangements with your teacher, including PATHS, if you will miss class that day

Tues Jan 17
work on discussion agendas
POL survey
work on discussion agenda
Thurs Jan 12
Community Book FINISHED
Work on Process Analysis in class--
read example essays
write 3 steps
introduce discussion agenda
Tues Jan 10
1/2 class: Process Analysis brainstorm
and writing plan
Fri Jan 6
Vocabulary Quiz #6 if you haven't already taken it (quizzes taken after this date will receive a penalty)

Wed Jan 4
Bring your novel for Community Book Discussion to class
work return
intro to Into the Wild
Wed Dec 21
Study for vocab quiz
Get your Community Book Discussion Book
Vocab Quiz #6
Final Short Story Assessment
Mon Dec 19
Study for lit terms quiz: all materials can be found on the "Short Story Unit" page below
Lit Terms Quiz
"The Killers"
Thurs Dec 15
Poem Recitation!!
Poem Recitations in class
"The Killers"
Tues Dec 13
Tone Map due!!
Work on recitation
Recitation practice
More short stories: "Reunion"
New Vocab List #6
Lit Terms Practice
Fri Dec 9
Whole poem memorized
Poem Memorization Quiz
Wed Dec 7
Study for vocab quiz
Vocabulary Quiz #5
Mon Dec 5
3/4 poem memorized
Read and/or listen to "Harrison Bergeron" (available as an audio file under Short Story unit below)
Poem Memorization Quiz #2
Quick reading quiz on the story
Thurs Dec 1
1/2 poem memorized
Poem Memorization Quiz
Tues Nov 29

Introduce short stories unit
New Vocab
Tue Nov 22
Paragraph about why you chose your poem (5-10 sentences) due if you haven't already finished it.
Write out your poem on index cards.
POL work
short stories introduction
Introduce Community Book Discussion Project
Fri Nov 18
Be ready for your performance (including costumes, props, etc)
Work on your essay
Option A: Performances,
Option B: Essay due
Poem Declaration
Introduce Community Book Discussion Project
Wed Nov 16
Bring a printed copy of both of your poems. You can use the print button on the POL website.
Work on your project/essay
Option A: Performance practice & rehearsal
Option B: Work on essay
Mon Nov 14
Work on Project
Choose two poems you admire from the Poetry Out Loud website. Use "Poetic Terms and Forms" under "Find Poems" button. Post Here
Project work
Option A: Work on Promptbook--due at end of class period
Option B: Work on essay
Wed Nov 9
Work on close reading/character analysis
Study for vocabulary quiz #4
Vocabulary Quiz #4
Close Reading/Character Analysis due at end of class
Work on Project
Mon Nov 7
Analysis and Research due
Return and discuss Close Readings
Vocabulary Practice
Work on Project
Thurs Nov 3
Finish Close Reading & Paragraph, due in class
Email me ASAP your choice--Option A or B--for the final project. If you want Option A, please let me know which character you would like to play. I'll do my best to put groups together that suit everyone's preferences.
Begin working on scenes;
Final discussion about play's significant themes
Tues Nov 1
Read 4.1 packet. Choose one of the following characters: Claudio, Leonato, Benedick, or Beatrice and highlight the 10 most important lines (single lines, not times a character speaks) for that character
Close reading of your chosen character;
Introduction to final project
Fri Oct 28
Read summary of rest of play--in packet distributed in class
summary of rest of play
acting out lines
description of final project
Wed Oct 26
Study for Vocab Quiz #3
Finish glossing if you haven't already
Vocab Quiz #3
Glossing due
Mon Oct 24
Read cut version of 3.1 and answer 4 questions in writing on back sheet
group work with 3.1
vocab practice
Thurs Oct 20
Finish reading 2.3 (cut version)
Be ready to write a short paragraph about how you imagine this scene taking place on stage.

Mon Oct 24
Read cut version of 3.1 and answer 4 questions in writing on back sheet
group work with 3.1
vocab practice
Thurs Oct 20
Finish reading 2.3 (cut version)
Be ready to write a short paragraph about how you imagine this scene taking place on stage.

Tues Oct 18
no homework

Fri Oct 7
Study for vocabulary quiz--lesson #2
Vocab Quiz
Wed Oct 5
Be ready for Slide Show quiz: 5 important details you remember that are interesting.
Two journal writing assignments (about a paragraph each):1. How do people act when they are romantically interested in each other. What is their tone of voice, qualities of their speech, facial expressions, and movements?
2. How do two people act who get on each other’s nerves? Also, focus on tone of voice, qualities of speech, expressions, and movements.
Slideshow quiz
Writing dialogue in class
Throwing Lines
Character list
Mon Oct 3
Find one article from any newspaper/magazine/online source from the last year about William Shakespeare or a Shakespeare production.
Shakespeare interactive slideshow!
Thurs Sept 29
Narrative essay due
A new poem, revision activity
Tues Sept 27
study for vocab quiz
Vocab Quiz Lesson #1
Fri Sept 23
Read and be ready to talk about "Indian Education"
Journal #3
Vocab review
Close work with 2/3 essays
Begin to plan and write
Wed Sept 21
Narrative Journal #2 due:
Refine journal #1 or #2
Vocab review
Read & discuss "The Chase"
Mon Sept 19

Book discussion evaluation
Vocab review
Narrative journal #1
Read & discuss "Fish Cheeks"
Fri Sept 16
Be ready for book discussion
Thurs Sept 15
Creative assignment posted on SummerREAD wiki
Grammar Lesson (SEC Pretest)
Work on discussion agendas
Begin narrative essay
Tues Sept 13
Work on creative assignment
Work on creative piece
Work on discussion agendas
Fri Sept 9
Letter due
Go over class expectations
Book discussion information & assignment
Wed Sept 7
SummerREAD book finished
Hello and Welcome
Discussion Practice
SummerREAD assessment
Andy Goldsworthy Project Description
Andy Goldsworthy Project Writing Descriptions

Second Into the Wild Analytical Paragraph

Outline for Analytical Paragraph

Process Analysis Essay Assignment
Process Analysis Writing Plan

Community Book Discussion 2011-2012
Choose Novels Here

Community Book Discussion Schedule:

Poetry Out Loud Website
Tone Map Assignment
Short Story Unit
Audio Version of "The Killers" by Ernest Hemingway
Close Reading Assignment

Ms. Tommaso's Close Reading Example

4.1 Part 1

4.1 Part 2

4.1 Part 3

Final Much Ado Assignment Descriptions

Promptbook Descriptor